Our milling crew is literally everywhere, so it's a little tough to post all the jobs they do in a year. Our experience and versatile crew provide long hours to get the job done. With a 1.2 metre and 2.0 metre wide milling machine, our crew is adaptable for scarifying and milling bridges, and municipal road ways . Here is a sample of some jobs we've done in the past.

  • Where Will Our Crews Go? Our milling crew works heavily in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Yet they will travel almost anywhere in Southern Ontario.
  • How Are We Equipped For The Job? Versatility is key to getting any job done. Our 1.2 metre & 2.0 metre wide milling machines are very adaptable for the work ahead of us.
  • Implementing Quality and Safety To The Work We Do Quality is our main goal for any job were on. While many of the jobs were on require long hours, we hold safety and quality at the utmost importance.